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Find businesses and points of interest within an 800 yards radius (adjustable) of your immediate vicinity. Regardless if you are in New York, London or Paris, the 800yards™ App will guide you to the places of your interest next to you.

You decide

You tell 800yards™ what types of businesses it should keep an eye out for. If you're headed out for the evening, set it to restaurants, bars - or both - and 800yards™ will place matching listings on your radar screen as you come within range. The app's default setting is 800 yards, but you can increase the search radius for less densely populated or rural areas.

Content matters!

Nobody wants to be directed to a business that closed up shop months ago. The 800yards™ app uses business listings and directory content from the websites USplaces.com, UKplaces.com and BIZNESSdici.fr in France to provide up-to-date information on local business. The roughly 25 million listings in the United States, 2 million in the U.K. and nearly 5 million listings in France are sourced from local telephone companies and in many cases have been directly verified via telephone call. Feedback from our community of users also helps 800yards™ continue to add new content and keep existing content up-to-date.

Mobile first.

Two-thirds of visitors to our U.S, U.K. and French sites access them using smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. The aim of the 800yards™ app is to make usage even simpler for them.