Fine-tune your settings

The "Settings" view allows the modification of various default parameters.

screenshot of Settings page

This view consists of four sections: The SEARCH, NOTIFICATION, UI and ABOUT:

  • The parameters of the "Search"-section specify the service area (your current location or a specific country), maximum Number of results displayed and the Search distance.
  • The "Notification"-section is very important if it comes to battery lifetime. It provides parameters for the distance which causes a new GPS request and the time duration of the GPS service being active.
  • "UI (User Interface)"-section provides a few choices of different color-schema if you would like to see a more or less colorful display.
  • and finally the "About"-section which provides links to this web site, Rating as well as About and Contact Info.

Most of the parameters are quite intuitive. Just try it out and you can see the immediate effect.

More information for every setting can be found here:

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