Why not Android?

An Android version of 800yards™ is currently in development and will be available soon. Until then, you can access USplaces.com, UKplaces.com or BIZNESSdici.fr directly from your Android browser. All of these sites have been developed using responsive Web design and will scale and display correctly on any Android phone or tablet.

When will you support Windows Phones?

We have not yet decided whether to support Windows. However, you can access USplaces.com, UKplaces.com and BIZNESSdici.fr directly from your browser, and the sites will scale and display correctly on any Microsoft device.

Why shows 800yards™ landing pages?

Because business listings vary in structure and informational content from country to country. Using the landing pages of our Web-based directories allows to be more flexible in terms of displaying the content that is relevant to your search.

How much battery power needs your app?

It depends on how much you move about. 800yards™ uses the GPS function of your phone or tablet to determine your current position and automatically refreshes the position when you move beyond a certain distance. The settings of the app do allow you to modify this distance to a wider range or to switch off the constant update entirely.