Select your search categories

You can set the search categories you’d like 800yards™ to track in the "Edit Search" view. Simply add the categories you’re interested in to one of two lists:

screenshot of Edit Search page


  • "Active Searches" are immediate and ongoing searches for matching listings in your vicinity.
  • "Inactive Searches" are frequently used searches that aren’t being used at the moment but which may be activated later on.


  • To move a search category from one list to the other, simply tap on it.

That's all! 800yards automatically searches for all listings in categories added to your Active Searches list.

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View the results

The results of a search are shown in list form and on a map.

screenshot of Search Results page

The Result view consists of two sections: The MAP and the corresponding RESULT LIST:

  • Pins on the "Map" indicate the places of the matching businesses.
  • Results in the "List" are sorted by distance, starting with the closest to your current location. The list header indicates the directory service the information is sourced from.

There are several Actions possible:

  • Selecting a business from the list will cause the map to zoom in and center on the selected business.

  • Tap the map screen to enlarge and reduce the size of the map screen.

  • A Swipe to the left at a selected listing calls several options:
    1. Call the business.
    2. Switch to Apple Map for standard functions such as Directions.
    3. Tap on info to access additional Information about the business in the source directory.

That's all! Nothing more is required to use the app. Have Fun and enjoy using 800yards™ when out and about!

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Fine-tune your settings

The "Settings" view allows the modification of various default parameters.

screenshot of Settings page

This view consists of four areas: The SEARCH, NOTIFICATION, UI and ABOUT:

  • Search Parameters: Here you can specify the service area (your current location or a specific country), the maximum number of results to be displayed and the search radius.
  • Notification Parameters: Here you can modify settings that affect battery life, such as changing the range of movement that triggers a new GPS request or defining the duration for which the GPS service is to remain active.
  • UI (User Interface) Parameters: Provides a range of different color schemes to choose from. color-schema if you would like to see a more or less colorful display.
  • About: Provides basic information about the Web site, contact information and a rating function.

Most of the parameters are quite intuitive. Just try it out and you can see the immediate effect.

More information for every setting can be found here:

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