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Find businesses and points of interest within an 800 yards radius (adjustable) of your immediate vicinity. Regardless if you are in New York, London or Paris, the 800yards™ App will guide you to the places of your interest next to you.

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Easy to use

Using the 800yards™ app is as simple as selecting the business categories or other points of interest you would like to be notified of. The app will do the rest, keeping you posted whenever you come within range of places that match your search settings.

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Active countries

At present the 800yards™ app can be used in the United States and the United Kingdom. France and other European countries are set to follow soon. Content is provided by our local business directories in these countries.

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Supported platforms

800yards™ runs on the Apple platform. The app supports iPhone, iPAD and iPAD mini using iOS 8 or higher.

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