What data is used?

800yards uses data provided by the business listings directory USplaces.com™, which contains 25 Mio business listings and receives tens of thousands of updates every day.

screenshot of USplaces.com home page

USplaces.com itself can be accessed and used directly from a mobile browser, as the site automatically adapts to the screen size of smartphones and tablets. However, 800yards provides mobile users with an easier, more convenient way to access the data when out and about.

Business Categories

The app comes with several frequently used search categories predefined. You can add additional search categories to the list in order to adapt the app to your personal needs.

screenshot of USplaces.com feedback form

The predefined search categories are broadly defined and sometimes include related businesses, for example:

Contains all kind of accommodations such as hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and country inns.
Everything nearby
Will show all listed business in the vicinity of your current location.
Includes searches for bars, restaurants and pubs.
Gas Stations
Solely a search for gas stations.
Includes doctors and hospitals.
This is a search for pharmacies only.
Covers shopping centers, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Data discrepancy handling

When maintaining millions of business listings, openings, closures and changes to business information get overlooked from time to time. We update our directory regularly with information directly from local telephone companies. However, if you notice missing or incorrect listings, we very much appreciate your feedback!

screenshot of USplaces.com feedback form

To drop us a note, please use the feedback form marked with this feedback icon icon in the main information box of every listing.

If you want to send a correction or removal request for an existing listing, the fields will be pre-populated to facilitate your input. If you want to notify of us of a business that is missing, the input form is blank.