See the results

The "8∞yards" view displays a list of nearest businesses from your "Active Searches"-table to your current location and their position in a map.

screenshot of Search Results page

This view consists of two sections: The MAP and the corresponding RESULT LIST:

  • Pins at the "Map" indicate the places of the matching businesses.
  • The "Result List" is always sorted by the closest distance to your current location. The list header informs what specific directory service provides the information.

There are several Actions possible:

  • A Tap on a listing zooms into the "Map" and emphasizes the location of the selected business.
    The pin of the selected place is now displayed in the center of the "Map".

  • A Tap on the map enlarges the screen size of the "Map".
    Another Tap on the map reduces the screen size of the "Map" again.

  • A Swipe to the left at a selected listing shows three options to follow up:
    1. Call the business.
    2. Switch to Apple Map to use standard built-in functions such as Directions.
    3. Tap on info to browse deeper and more Rich Information directly from the directory service.

That's all! Nothing more is required to use the app. Have Fun and enjoy using 800yards™ when out and about!

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